Storage Tips

Rosedale Storage, LLC

Storage Tips:

  • Please remember that these are unheated garages. Similar to your garage at home gusty winds and rain may result in dust and moisture creeping in under the door. 
  • Always buffer your goods, especially boxes, cloth & paper products from the concrete with wooden slats we provide. 
  • Be sure that when you exit your unit the door is securely closed and that your rope is not caught under it as this leaves space for air and water. 
  • During the winter months, we encourage you to leave the light on in your unit. 
  • Check on your goods periodically. If you must be away for an extended time, have someone come to your unit and check on your unit for you.
  • You are 100% responsible for your own goods
  • To insure the safe keeping of your goods and others, please keep your unit locked at all times. 

Tips For Organizing Your Items:

  • We encourage you to place wooden slats under your boxes, furniture and other items. You can also use regular wooden boards or pallets. 
  • Packing your items securely and tightly inside of boxes keeps them safer. This type of packing will prevent dust and moisture from destroying your items. 
    • Packing your boxes securely and tightly inside of your unit will do the same. 
  • We encourage you to put your more valuable items towards the back and keep your large furniture items towards the front of the unit.
    • Keep items that you will need frequently towards the front for easy access. 
  • Cover all your items with shipping blankets or plastic wrap to insure their safety and protection from dust and moisture. 
  • Use a high quality LOCK and keep your unit LOCKED at all times. Your are responsible for your own goods. 

Rosedale Storage, LLC Strictly Prohibits The Storage Of:

  • NO flammables.
  • NO hazardous items or items that will produce an odor. 
  • NO food. Do not store perishable items.
  • NO living things. 
  • NO stolen items
  • NO drugs or paraphernalia. 
  • NO Firearms
    • The staff of Rosedale Storage, LLC has the right to refuse the storage of ANY item they deem unfit for storage. These are items that could directly effect the facility, tenants or staffs safety.