Frequently Asked Questions


1.      Do you offer discounts?  

Only for 1 year in advance payment (unless a large unit than may offer 6 months paid in advance discount)  We keep our rates competitive.  We have no deposit, set up fees, and/or office fees.  We also prorate moving in and moving out (with 30 days notice).   We do not offer a military discount at this time.


2.      What if I pay in advance?

We offer a 10% discount for units paid a year in advance and a 5% discount for units paid 6 months in advance for sizes 10X20 to 12X24.


3.      Are the units dry? Do you have heated units?

We offer limited heated units.  Most are used by businesses for records storage.  The rest of our units are not heated or climate controlled.  They are essentially a large garage.  However, many people have stored paper goods and/or household goods here for as long as 10  years and haven’t had any problems.  We have a  list of storage tips that seem to work very well for this kind of storage. 


4.      What kind of security do you have?

There isn't an onsite manager 24/7 but we do have daytime office hours.  We have camera surveillance, electronic gate with sensors.  Each tenant has their own access code so we know who is coming and going at all times. 


5.      Is there 24 hour access?

We do not typically provide 24 hour access.  Our gate hours are 7am to 7pm.  During the summer when it stay light longer we offer access till 9pm.  


6.      This doesn't look like a 10x10 (etc)?

The measurements are calculated based on the outside measurements of the complex and may vary a few inches due to walls and layouts.